Reading List

High Performance Computing on Many-Core Processors

  • Cactus (08/2003—08/2008): cache-conscious and cache-oblivious techniques for database systems
  • GPUQP (08/2007—08/2010): Data management and MapReduce on GPUs.
  • Medusa (10/2010—present): Graph processing on GPUs.
  • GPU support for HPC cloud (10/2011—present)
  • Software optimizations for heterogeneous processors (10/2011—present)
  • High Performance Databases on Heterogeneous Processors
  • Hash Joins on Many Core Processors (Intel Xeon Phi)
  • Cloud Computing

  • Data management in data centers (08/2008—present): query optimization and large graph processing in the cloud.
  • Cloud economics (11/2009—present): pricing schemes, spot instances.
  • HPC cloud and its support for scientific computing (04/2011—present).
  • Transformation-based Monetary Cost Optimizations for Workflows in the Cloud
  • Monetary Cost Optimizations for Hosting Workflow-as-a-Service in IaaS Clouds
  • Network Performance Aware Optimizations in the Cloud
  • Not All Joules are Equal: Towards Energy-Efficient and Green-Aware Data Processing Frameworks
  • Transformation-based Monetary Cost Optimizations for Workflows in the Cloud
  • Future database systems

  • Databases on emerging memories (08/2008—present): flash disks, phase change memory
  • Green databases (08/2011—present): renewable energy
  • Acknowledgement

    We would like to acknowledge the following support for this project:

  • "GPGPU for Real-Time Graph Data Analytics", Source: MoE AcRF Tier 2, Amount: 459, 375 SGD, 06/2013-06/2016, Role: PI
  • "Cloud-Assisted Real-Time and Large-Scale Monitoring and Analysis for Water Quality", Source: NRF EWI Singapore, Amount: 2, 110, 400 SGD, 08/2011-07/2014. Role: PI.
  • Inter-disciplinary Strategic Competitive Fund of Nanyang Technological University 2011 for "C3: Cloud-Assisted Green Computing at NTU Campus", 250K SGD, 04/2011 - 04/2013. Role: PI.
  • AcRF Tier-1 Grant from Singapore, Source: MoE, Amount: 50K SGD, Role: PI.
  • NTU Startup Grant for "An Elastic Data-Intensive Computing System in the Cloud", Period: 2010-2013, Source: NTU, Amount: SGD 100K, Role: PI.
  • Our industrial partners: NVIDIA (NVIDIA Academic Partnership Award 2012, GPU donations, CUDA research center support), AMD (for GPU donations), Amazon EC2 (for EC2 usage donations)
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