Zhang Lu


Year of Graduation:

Project Title:
Resource Provisioning in DVEs

A/P Tang Xueyan (Research Group Lead)



Area(s) of Expertise:
MMOGs, Distributed Simulation, Distributed Networks

Research Keyword(s):
DVEs, Resource Allocation, Client/Server

About My Research:

  • This research aims to investigate effective resource provisioning techniques for distributed virtual environments
  • In a typical configuration of distributed virtual environments, entity states are maintained by a group of servers. Participants, known as clients, connect to the servers to send their actions and receive updates
  • Thus, there are two types of resources to provision: servers and network bandwidth
  • The research issues to be investigated include analyzing appropriate performance measures for resource provisioning; design resource provisioning techniques for improving these measures; joint optimization of server provisioning and bandwidth provisioning


In Press
Zhang, L, Tang X.  In Press.  The client assignment problem for continuous distributed interactive applications: analysis, algorithms, and evaluation. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.  Download: tpds.pdf (545.11 KB)tpds.supp.pdf (340.26 KB)
Zhang, L, Tang X, He B.  2013.  Brief announcement: on minimum interaction time for continuous distributed interactive computing. Proceedings of the 2013 ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing.
Zhang, L, Tang X.  2012.  Optimizing client assignment for enhancing interactivity in distributed interactive applications. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. 20(6):12. Download: ton2012.pdf (475.28 KB)