User and Domain-Driven Analytics as a Service Framework

Principal Investigator:

Co-PI(s): Ast/P Zhang Jie, Ast/P Cheng James, Ast/P Tsang Ivor, Dr Terence Hung, Dr Gary Lee, Dr Quek Boon Kiat, Dr William Chandra Tjhi

Starting Date: 2010-08

Duration: 3 years


Funding Source: A*STAR TSRP


Aims to develop a new scalable distributed data analytics framework in the cloud that complements users of analytics by retrieval, integration and summarization/visualization of relevant heterogeneous information from external sources and facilitates user interpretation, interaction and collaboration to achieve domain-specific solutions. Some of the features of the framework are as follows:

** A Data Analytic infrastructure using external and internal services to process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
** Capturing and sharing of models.
** Visual analytics in the cloud for human-system collaborative knowledge discovery