Research Areas


Large Scale Discrete Event Simulation:

  • Parallel and distributed simulation for analysis and decision support
  • Distributed virtual environments for training applications

Our aim is to use symbiotic simulation to provide adaptation of simulation models for operational decision support in a dynamic environment.


Collaborative Technologies and Applications:

Our aim is to research and develop new generation collaborative Internet computing technologies and apply them to main-stream commercial applications.

Enabling Technologies

Multi Agent Systems:

  • Applications of agent technology in simulation and services computing

Crowd simulation for military applications: our aim is to develop an agent-based model for individual characters and crowds.


Peer to Peer Information Systems:

  • Social networks for identifying suitable collaborators
  • Collaboration middleware to support collaborative tasks

Nomadic collaboration allows joint work regardless of devices and locations. We investigate algorithmic foundations of such networked distributed systems, and social networks to identify new cooperation opportunities. We develop software tools to manage and to work in such an environment.

Resource Infrastructure

Grid and Cloud Computing:

  • Applications in areas such as e-engineering, simulation and digital media
  • Middleware and modeling including virtualization and green IT

Cloud computing offers pay-per-use services and highly scalable infrastructures: our research focuses on capacity planning, virtualization and energy aware data centre.


High Performance Computing:

  • Performance modeling and characterization
  • Resource mapping and scheduling

An emerging hybrid HPC platform: our aim is to advance scientific discoveries by exploiting new technologies such as multi- and many-core, GPU, FPGA and Cell.