PDCC Cloud Computing Workshop 2011

Wednesday, 12th October 2011 (LT 2, Nanyang Executive Centre)
Title: PDCC Cloud Computing Workshop 2011
Organiser: Asst. Prof. Anwitaman Datta

PDCC is home to many cloud computing related research activities, and among other projects, hosts three of the six A*Star thematic strategic research projects on data value chain as a service. This informal workshop on cloud computing provides a platform for SCE/PDCC researchers to showcase and discuss some of their current works, and accordingly explore further collaborations within the school, as well as other stakeholders in the evolving Singapore cloud computing research community.

The morning sessions of the workshop will comprise of guest speakers, that will provide a glimpse of PDCC’s ongoing collaborative engagements with international as well as industrial partners, besides with other schools within NTU, while the afternoon sessions will showcase the works of the SCE/PDCC researchers.

Please register via http://pdcc.ntu.edu.sg/cloud11/registration.html. Registration is free.

Venue: LT 2, Nanyang Executive Centre
Getting to: NEC


Opening 9:00-9:15
Speaker: Prof. Stephen John Turner

Guest talks:

Speaker: Asst. Prof. P. Michiardi (Eurecom, France)
Title: Two Parallel Approaches to Network Data Analysis

Speaker: Asst. Prof F. Oggier (NRF Nanyang Assistant Professor, SPMS, NTU Singapore)
Title: On Coding Techniques for Distributed Networked Storage Systems

Coffee break (10:45-11:15)

Speaker: Mr. Chun Hui Suen (HP Labs Singapore)
Title: The TrustCloud Framework: Increasing Cloud Trust, Security and Accountability via Data-Centric Detective Approaches

Lunch break (12:15-1:30)

SCE TSRP project talks (1:30-3:00)

Speaker: Asst. Prof. Dusit Niyato (TSRP project: Design and Analysis of Cloud Computing for Data Value Chain: Operation Research Approach)
Title: Adaptive Power Management for Data Center in Smart Grid Environment

Speaker: Dr. VS Sundararajan from Assoc.Prof. Lee Bu Sung’s group (TSRP project: User and Domain-Driven Analytics as a Service Framework)
Title: User-Driven Data Analytics in the Cloud

Speaker: Dr. Dinh Tien Tuan Anh from Asst. Prof. Anwitaman Datta’s group (TSRP project: pCloud: Privacy in Data Value Chains using Peer-to-Peer Primitives)
Title: Secure, Flexible and Scalable Data Sharing on the Cloud with XACML

Coffee break (3:00-3:30)

More SCE/PDCC cloud computing works (3:30-5:00)

Speaker: Asst. Prof. He Bingsheng
Title: Application-Driven Cloud System Research

Speaker: Asst. Prof. Wen Yonggang
Title: Cloud-Centric Media Network (CCMN) - Empowering Rich Media Experience Social Interactive Features

Speaker: Nguyen Thanh Hung from Assoc. Prof Ng Wee Keong’s group
Title: Cloud-Enabled Data Sharing

5:00-5:05 Closing