pCloud: Privacy in data value chains using peer-to-peer primitives

Principal Investigator: A/P Anwitaman Datta

Co-PI(s): Ng Wee Keong, Lim Hock Beng

Starting Date: 2010-08

Duration: 3.5 Years

Website: http://sands.sce.ntu.edu.sg/pCloud/

Funding Source: A*STAR

Funding Amount: 1300k $S


We note that in a decentralized environment with numerous autonomous data owners, privacy preserving sharing and data analytics techniques are essential to provide an environment where data owners feel confident to participate and contribute, and that a peer-to-peer "social" network like configuration among data owners is natural and possibly inevitable.

In pCloud project we investigate mathematical and algorithmic foundations of scalable techniques for Privacy Preserving Data Sharing & Analytics (PPDS/PPDA), as well as trust management in decentralized environments. These topics are interesting independently in their own right, and are applicable in diverse applications. Composed together they facilitate natural establishment of data value chains of numerous autonomous data owners, by allowing private clouds of data owners to share and carry out data analytics without violating individual ownership or data privacy constraints.

We aim to apply our basic research in the above mentioned individual topics, and combine them to build pCloud middleware prototype, and use it as a vehicle to both validate the algorithms and mechanisms as well as demonstrate the usability of data value chains by carrying out case studies which are significant in the Singapore context (e.g., using Dengue and environment monitoring data).