Parallel & Distributed Simulation of Virtual Factory Implementation

Principal Investigator: A/P Hsu Wen Jing

Co-PI(s): Mr. Gan Boon Ping(GINTIC), Prof Cai Wentong, Prof Stephen J Turner

Starting Date: 2001-01

Duration: NIL

Funding Source: NSTB


This project has the objective of improving the execution performance of simulation models of large scale manufacturing systems through the use of parallel and distributed processing. The faster execution will support improved decision making in time constrained applications. The project will aim to develop (i) a capability to execute virtual factory simulations in reasonable amount time; (ii) a capability for bottom up validation of manufacturing system integration; (iii) generic environment for Parallel And Distributed Simulation (PADS) for virtual factory implementation; (iv) the PADS technology for large scale simulation applications.