Parallel Digital Processing System for Video and Computer Graphics Applications

Principal Investigator: Prof Seah Hock Soon (taken over from Dr Chong Man Nang)

Co-PI(s): A/P Lau Chiew Tong, A/P Chan Syin and A/P Cai Wentong

Starting Date: 1998-01

Duration: 4 years


With the breakthrough in digital imaging technology, video processing from the preservation of old movie archives to the post processing of video could be done digitally with the help of powerful Digital Signal Processors (DSP). Today, we are witnessing the move from analog tape-based to digital disk-based storage of audio, computer software and movies. The emergence of Digital Video Disk, DVD in 1996 heralds a new era of consumer video entertainment, for the first time bringing a digital video format to the mass consumer market. Besides, imaging applications such as video-on-demand, interactive video and multimedia courseware will continue to infiltrate into the mass consumer market. The content providers of all stripes, post production services and manufacturing facilities choosing to work in the new digital video format will all require advanced digital imaging technology to bring new quality products to market. The primary objectives of the proposed project will investigate new areas of imaging research and exploit the results for new and innovative applications. The project aims to develop (i) a system that automatically restores old movies for re-release in DVD format � a large market that is yet to be explored (ii) a unified media archival system for archiving and retrieval of multi-resolution, multimedia data through various digital network, and (iii) Tools for Intelligent Integration of Computer Graphics Animation and Video Image Sequences. These tools will also enable the design of multimedia courseware for the learners to understand complex simulation processes.