Multiprocessor Medical Image Processing System

Principal Investigator: Dr Chong Man Nang

Starting Date: 1999-01

Duration: NIL


The proposed project aims to provide a unifying approach to store and retrieve various categories of medical images (such as Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and other medical information (such as patients' information and graphical/textual/audio annotations) in a multiprocessor system. The impetus of this project is to realise a high-performance Picture (medical images) Archiving and Communication System, PACS. PACS concept responds to the need for storing medical images and transmitting these images for medical consultation purposes. In addition, PACS reduces the costly duplication of patient data. Other financial benefits are possible by replacing the traditional film and paper images with electronic images. The problems of storage space and image transmission time (system response time) are to be addressed in this proposed project, where suitable compression algorithms will be investigated. To achieve real-time processing of medical images, parallel processing technique is adopted. This project will work on the development of novel parallel image processing algorithms with specific applications such as image coding.