Mobile Phone Sensing and Entertaining Applications

Thursday, 2nd May 2013, 10:30 am (PDCC Meeting Room)
Speaker: Mr. Younghyun Ju and Mr. Taiwoo Park (Both PhD candidates from KAIST, Korea)
Title: Mobile Phone Sensing and Entertaining Applications

Title_1: Sensing flow execution engine for concurrent mobile sensing applications (by Younghyun)

Abstract_1: Emerging mobile sensing applications are changing the characteristics of smartphone workloads. Whereas typical mobile applications run alone in the foreground interacting with users, sensing applications concurrently run in the background, providing unobtrusive monitoring services. Such concurrent, heavy sensing workloads raise a new challenge incurring severe resource contention among themselves and with other foreground applications. In this talk, I'll present a sensing flow execution engine for concurrent sensing applications. As its key approach, we develop a novel sensing-flow-aware coordination. We first introduce the new concept of frame externalization i.e., to identify and externalize semantic structures embedded in otherwise flat sensing data streams. Leveraging the identified frame structures, the engine develops frame-based coordination and execution mechanisms, which effectively coordinates the resource use of contending applications and minimizes the execution overhead of sensing flows. We implemented several sensing applications on top of the engine and performed extensive experiments, showing the effectiveness of the engine.

Title_2: Transforming Solitary Exercises into Social Exergames (by Taiwoo)

Abstract_2: Sports are an entertaining and engaging means to improve people’s athletic abilities and physical condition. However, it is difficult for many people with their busy and erratic urban lifestyles to engage in such social sports frequently as such activities take place at a strict designated time and place. We first introduce the vision of pervasive social exergames, allowing exercisers to freely meet and play exergames, which offers fun and enjoyable in-game interactions online. Also, this gaming initiative disregards to their personal exercising context including capabilities, preferences and situations. To realize this vision, we present three major approaches in (1) designing fun and interactive in-game social interaction based on popular exercises, (2) prototyping and evaluating exercise device-based game controllers, and (3) employing heterogeneous exercises in one game to maximize exercisers' opportunities to play games together. We report the design considerations and guidelines obtained from the design and development processes of exergames and exergaming devices, and demonstrate the feasibility of such pervasive social exergames via extensive human subject studies.


Younghyun Ju and Taiwoo Park are PhD candidates at KAIST, Korea. Younghyun’s research interests include mobile and ubiquitous computing, system support for context-awareness and large-scale distributed systems. Taiwoo’s research interests include designing novel exergames, evaluating in-game user experiences, developing mobile and pervasive applications and supporting platforms, and prototyping novel pervasive devices.