Lee Zhuo Qi


Year of Graduation:

Project Title:
A Study of Certain Structural and Dynamical Properties of Complex Networks

A/P Hsu Wen Jing



Area(s) of Expertise:
Complex Networks, MarKov Chain and Random Walk, Information Retrieval, Data Mining

Research Keyword(s):
Complex System, Social Network, Complex Networks Dynamics

About My Research:

Summary of Research

Social networks and other technological networks are found to be small-world, i.e. the average number of steps between any two nodes is very small. These networks usually share additional properties such as high clustering coefficient and power-law degree distribution. These networks are collectively known as complex networks.

We study the dynamical properties of complex networks by applying the random walk and Markov Chain theory. Such dynamics are closely related with P2P network and information search in the web. Our current results show that local connectivity plays an important role in the expected time for searching in complex networks. We are also interested in applying random walk based approaches for community detection problem.