Insights on P2P backup design

Tuesday, 26th October 2010, 10:00 am (PDCC Meeting Room)
Speaker: Matteo Dell'Amico (Eurecom)
Title: Insights on P2P backup design

Even though the amount of research devoted to peer-to-peer storage is
impressive, no such system actually became very successful in the wild.
With respect to generic storage, backup is a less generic, yet very
useful goal. We show that a backup application can be designed to have a
drastically less severe impact on resources, making it closer to
viability for everyday users. We investigate, and propose novel
approaches, to data transfer scheduling, redundancy policies,
cooperation incentives through reciprocation, and assistance by a
datacenter when peer resources are not sufficient.

This talk covers joint work with Laszlo Toka and Pietro Michiardi.


Matteo Dell'Amico is a researcher at EURECOM, in Sophia-Antipolis
(France). Besides what will be covered in this talk, his research
interests involve the usage of social networks and webs of trust in
peer-to-peer settings to provide security, anonimity and incentives to
cooperation; he also ventured in the fields of password security and
recommender systems.