Innovation in the Cloud

Tuesday, 26th August 2014, 9:30 am (PDCC Meeting Room)
Speaker: Brendan Bouffler (Scientific & Research Computing Group( AMAZON WEB SERVICES ))
Title: Innovation in the Cloud

The cloud model for computing works well when we have a great variety of uncoupled workloads all using the infrastructure - and hence sharing the cost - allowing everyone to pay for only what they use, driving costs down to trivial levels compared to the norm. The majority of the cloud’s success has thus far been in enterprise computing and web. Until recently. Science is one of the largest areas of computation and publicly-funded research also happens to be the community that can most benefit from that democratization in cost and global accessibility. This is where we believe Amazon can make a huge, really disruptive, impact on the world by participating - which is, at the most basic level, what we are about as a company. We’ll talk about how this model can work, what kinds of science work well in the cloud, some of our successes and the idiosyncratic differences that make the cloud an accelerator for science. Most of all, we’d love hear about your work, and how we can help.


Brendan Bouffler has 20 years of experience in the IT industry dealing with very large systems in high performance environments. He has been responsible for designing and constructing hundreds of HPC systems for commercial enterprises as well as research and defense sectors all across Asia and has quite a number of his efforts listed in the top500, including some that have placed in the top 5. Brendan previously lead the HPC and Research Computing Organization for Dell in Asia and joined Amazon in 2014 to help accelerate the adoption of cloud computing in the scientific computing sector. He holds a degree in Physics and an interest in testing several of its laws as they apply to bicycles.