Hu Nan


Year of Graduation:

Project Title:
Spatial-Temporal Patterns and Pedestrian Simulation




Area(s) of Expertise:
Agent-based Modeling for human navigational behaviors;Situation Awareness, Perception and Decision-making of human beings;Spatial-temporal Pattern Matching

Research Keyword(s):
Agent Simulation, Decision Making, Spatial Perception, Experience, Pattern Matching

About My Research:

Agent-based simulation of Pedestrians

  • How does pedestrian behave in normal life situations?
  • How to produce realistic navigational behaviors in model?
  • Decision-making based on experience and pattern matching

Navigational Choice Making --> Spatial-temporal Pattern Matching

  • How to recognize spatial-temporal patterns based on situational perception?
  • How to match between these patterns (similarity functions)?
  • How to retrieve these patterns based on experience?