Grid Resource Management: A Clearinghouse

Principal Investigator: Prof Cai Wentong

Co-PI(s): A/P Lee Bu Sung and Prof Stephen J. Turner

Starting Date: 2002-01

Duration: NIL


A distinctive feature of the Grid is the sharing of various resources over the Internet. Globus has been used widely by researchers and provides a number of services, such as resource allocation and security, for enabling sharing of resources over the Internet. However, it requires the user to explicitly express the resource requirements and to have explicit knowledge about using various services. This project�s aim is to study resource management for Grid computing and to develop middleware tools that will hide the difficulties of using the Grid and provide various resources automatically to meet the end-user�s performance requirements. One such tool is the Grid Resource Broker that will act as a "Clearinghouse" for the international Grid environment. It is a brokerage system, interfaced with Globus, for resource accountability, access-control and automatic allocation.