Grid Computing Testbed

Principal Investigator:

Co-PI(s): Prof Cai Wentong and Prof Stephen J. Turner

Starting Date: 2002-01

Duration: NIL

Funding Source: Sun Microsystems Collaborative Research Project


This collaborative research project with Sun Microsystems is concerned with two major areas: a Grid Test-bed for the Campus Grid and Grid Technology Interoperability. The campus-wide Grid computing infrastructure will facilitate better use of the super-computing facilities and high capacity storage systems installed in the various research centres and laboratories throughout the University. It will enable users to have fast and easy access to remote resources to allow them to concentrate on application development, and allow the development of large applications that cannot be solved by a single computer. This project focuses on the setting up of a Grid Technology Test-bed. This will help to formulate a model of operation and management of Grid technology. It will also enable the testing of interoperability of different Grid software, e.g., Sun Grid Engine, Condor, etc. This is a timely move as it is necessary to establish a facility whereby different Grid software can be tested, proven and shown to interoperate with one another. The setting up of the interoperability test-bed will become part of our vision of a Campus Grid and will be used to provide advice and assistance to potential users of Grid technology.To support this project, Sun Microsystems have donated an 8 node cluster, together with a head workstation and development workstation and associated Grid software.