Fan Hongfei


Year of Graduation:

Project Title:
Semantic Consistency Maintenance in Real-time Collaborative Programming

Prof Sun Chengzheng



Area(s) of Expertise:
Software Engineering;Collaborative Software Development;Human-Computer Interaction

Research Keyword(s):
Real-time Collaborative Programming, Semantic Consistency

About My Research:

  • Real-time collaborative programming is an emerging technology which supports multiple programmers to work on the same artifact at the same time. It is discovered that semantic conflicts may occur during collaboration sessions
  • Based on the exploration, investigation and analysis on this issue, an innovative Dependency-based Automatic Locking (DAL) approach is proposed. A package of rules and algorithms are designed and implemented in a research prototype named RCPEclipse based on the Eclipse platform
  • Preliminary experimental results have verified the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solution