Evolution and Future Outlook of HPC Software Stack

Wednesday, 8th September 2010, 1:30 pm (PDCC Meeting Room)
Speaker: Dr. Mingqiang Xu (Microsoft)
Title: Evolution and Future Outlook of HPC Software Stack

HPC software stack contains programming models and their runtime, management and job scheduling systems. In this talk, we will review the evolution of HPC software stack in the past two decades, discuss what adjustments the modern stack needs to make so that the needs of the mainstream programmers, administrators and users are met. We will present the key capabilities of Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft’s product strategy in making popularization of HPC and migration to cloud a reality.


Dr. Mingqiang Xu is the Principal Architect for High Performance Computing at Microsoft. He led the design and architecture of the HPC Server Job Scheduler, Programming Model and Runtime Systems. Dr. Xu’s passion involves making HPC affordable and accessible to the mass. He joined Microsoft HPC team at its inception in 2004 and program-managed a global team spanning Redmond and Shanghai for the first two releases of the HPC product.

Dr. Xu has 23 years of experience in the HPC space, 8 of them in Academia / Government Labs and 15 in the Industry.

Before joining Microsoft, Dr. Xu held the Principal Architect post at the Platform Computing Corporation, the leader in the HPC middleware space from 1996-2004. He was responsible for the design and technology strategy of their flagship products, LSF and Symphony.