Design and Analysis of Cloud Computing for Data Value Chain: OperationResearch Approach

Principal Investigator:

Co-PI(s): Lee Bu Sung Francis, Wang Ping

Starting Date: 2010-08

Duration: 3 years

Funding Source: A*STAR TSRP

Funding Amount: 941k $S


Project Objectives:
The main objectives of this project are to optimize profits for cloud computing providers and provide the best services to customers through using the operations research approach to solve various issues in cloud computing. Different problems (e.g., energy saving, resource allocation, admission control, virtual machine management, application deployment and maintenance costs) in cloud computing environment will be studied and the mathematical models will be developed. The solution of these models will be used for the decision making in the development and deployment of cloud computing.
Operations Research is a scientific approach to decision making, which seeks to determine the best design of a system, usually under condition requiring the allocation of scarce resources. This project is structured into six work-packages (WPs), which address different issues in analyzing, designing and implementing cloud computing environment. For the first five WPs, following steps are examined.

The project outcome will improve the efficiency of the available resources to be used in data value chain. The goal can be achieved by increasing the resource utilization in cloud environment given the demand, which not only reduces cost but also increases revenue and profit of organizations and service providers.