A Creative Environment for Mobile Knowledge Workers

Principal Investigator: A/P Anwitaman Datta

Co-PI(s): Prof Sun Chengzheng, Dr Adam Wierzbicki

Starting Date: 2008-03

Duration: 3 years

Website: http://sands.sce.ntu.edu.sg/mTeam/

Funding Source: A*STAR SERC

Funding Amount: 558k $S


In this project we investigate a full-spectrum of research topics and technologies to enable nomadic collaboration, including algorithmic foundations and basic research on Networked Distributed Systems which supports upper layer functionalities and ubiquity, Social Networking to facilitate new collaboration opportunities and finally the collaboration tools themselves to carry out the tasks and manage such collaborations.

The official title of the project is A Creative Environment For Mobile Knowledge Workers. It is funded by A*Star Science and Engineering Research Council (in tandem with our Polish partners in Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology funded by the Polish Ministry of Science & Higher Education) for Singapore-Poland Science & Technology Co-operation. We nicknamed the project as mTeam. Anwitaman Datta is the principal investigator. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Sun Chengzheng (Co-PI at NTU Singapore) and Dr. Adam Wierzbicki, who is the Polish counterpart PI of this project at PJIIT.