Autostow (Automation of Conatiner Stowage Planning for Large Container Vessels)system

Principal Investigator: A/P Hsu Wen Jing

Co-PI(s): Dr Huang Shell Ying

Starting Date: 2010-09

Duration: 3 years


Funding Source: MPA and APL

Funding Amount: 824k $S


The stowage engine mainly consists of the following three main modules. They are:

1. Stowage Plan Generator
2. Stability Adjustment
3. Optimization Engine

The first two modules will generate the stowage plan taking into considering the stability constraints. The optimization engine will optimize the generated stowage plan in terms of turn around time, rehandles and costs based on the history of data provided.

In addition to the three main module that will generate the optimized stowage plan, the additional ad-hoc module is to provide the visualization and simulation of generated stowage plan.