ASCII – A Storage Centric Internet Infrastructure

Principal Investigator: A/P Anwitaman Datta

Starting Date: 2010-01

Duration: 2 Years

Funding Source: Merlion Grant (French Embassy)

Funding Amount: 30k $S


The primary functionality of the internet has been to provide IP based routing, which has been complemented in the last decade by overlay based routing services based on address independent arbitrary logical identifier spaces. On top of this routing-centric infrastructure, the World-Wide Web has been built as a document-centric network, to navigate and share documents between Internet users. Cloud is an emerging paradigm - where infrastructural resources (such as computation and storage), as well as other resources (such as software) can all be availed as services.

Storage as a basic service will play an important role in spurring new applications. Instead of paying cloud service providers to avail such resources, an alternative can be that end users barter thier own resources in a peer-to-peer manner to enjoy the same functionalities. Such a paradigm allows easier participation of end-users who are unable or unwilling to pay to still avail a feature rich storage service. The ASCII vision is to facilitate such a "common man's storage cloud" - a flexible mix of provisioned as well as peer-to-peer storage infrastructure, which will enable end-users to deploy and participate in a new wave of applications which rely upon such a storage service