Analysis Of Functional MR Time-Series

Principal Investigator: Prof Jagath Rajapakse

Co-PI(s): A/P Kowh Chee Keong, A/P S. M. Krishnan (EEE), Dr. Micheal Chee, Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Starting Date: 1999-04

Duration: 3 years


The project seeks to realise a set of advanced techniques and tools to analyse fMRI time-series. The tools will help neurologists and neuroscientists to use advanced techniques for quantitative interpretation and inference of hemodynamic and neuronal events of human brain using fMRI. At present, available software tools neither provide the proposed advanced analyses of fMRI time-series nor have the flexibility to incorporate evolving methodologies and new modules. Novel techniques for analysis will be achieved by modelling non-linear and spatiotemporal aspects of fMRI response. Hemodynamic modulation on activated regions will be estimated to quantitate neuronal and hemodynamic events due to cognitive or sensory tasks. Techniques to isolate different events in complex event-related experiments and investigate the effects of subject performance will be sought. The new techniques enable neuroscientists to formulate complex experimental paradigms to investigate human cognition and underlying neural mechanisms with event-related fMRI. The project will be carried out in collaboration with the neuroscientists at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) where the experiments will be performed. The new tools will be tested in conjunction with the ongoing research activities and diagnostic procedures using fMRI at SGH. The project will deliver a commercially viable tool kit dedicated to advanced analysis of fMRI time-series, which can be used in clinical and research settings. So far, the project has generated 47 publications.