Algorithms And Methods For Distributed Interactive Simulation

Principal Investigator: Prof Cai Wentong

Co-PI(s): A/P Lee Bu Sung, Dr Li Ling and Prof Stephen J. Turner

Starting Date: 1998-12

Duration: 3 years


This research project will investigate new and novel algorithms and methods for data and time management in Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS). The primary mission of DIS is to develop a virtual environment where geographically distributed hardware and personnel can interact with each other in the simulation. A large body of work in DIS has been in the area of defining protocols and standards to support inter-operability among separately developed simulation systems. However, with the increasing complexity and the scale of the simulation, scalability becomes more and more important. In DIS, simulation entities are physically distributed. For a large scale simulation, interacting with other simulation entity and updating simulation states may generate a large amount of communication. One important issue in DIS is, therefore, to reduce the volume of communication. Communication latency and asynchronous execution of the simulation on different machines may cause data and events not to arrive in the order that they were generated. So, another important issue in DIS is to maintain a temporal correlation in the simulation. Hence, in this project, we will study time and data management in DIS, aiming to meet the real-time constraints for executing large scale interactive simulation on proportionally large scale distributed systems. With the increasing popularity with the World Wide Web, there is a great potential of doing large scale distributed simulation over the Web. Therefore, in this project, we will also investigate the feasibility of a Web-based Run Time Infrastructure (RTI) for DIS using the algorithms and methods developed.