Date: 16 June 2015

PDSL Resource Standard Terms of Use

Please read these Standard Terms of Use (“Terms”) carefully before applying for use or accessing any PDSL resources.   By accessing or using any PDSL resources you represent that you have provided full and accurate information on your Account Application, and that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms.   Additional terms and conditions may apply to you as determined by the PDSL to which you are authorized. 


1.1    Authorized Use.  You are permitted to the use the PDSL resources for which you have been provided access only for the performance of project activity stated in your Account Application.  Any act prohibited by the rules will be construed as grounds for the suspension or termination of the User Account.

1.2     Account Management.  You agree to protect your account from unauthorized use. Your account is personal and for your use only.  You may not share your account with others, including students, colleagues or other research collaborators.

1.3     Passwords.  When you are authorized by the PDSL Administrator to access and use the PDSL resources, you will create a User Password.  You agree to keep confidential your User Password that allows access to one or more Resources.  Your User Password is for your use only.  Keeping your User Password confidential includes not sharing it with others, writing it down where it can be easily found, sending it via email to anyone, or using tools that may expose it on a network.  Note that the PDSL Administrator or support staff will never request or need your User Password.  Report any suspicious activity to the PDSL Administrator immediately. 

1.4     Prohibited Use.  You agree that the following are PROHIBITED and shall be personally liable for the maintenance of the User Account and computer to prevent the occurrence of any of the following mentioned events,

 (a)  The PDSL resources may not be used for anything that may be considered as illegal or used to encourage any act that will be an offence under the laws of Singapore. The laws of Singapore include without limitation the Films Act, Computer Misuse Act, Penal Code, Copyright Act, Undesirable Publications Act, Media Development Authority Act, Indecent Advertisement Act, Public Entertainments Act, Common Gaming Houses Act, Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act and Official Secrets Act.        

(b)  Accessing, storage or downloading from any source or displaying, creating or transmitting in any form and language, of any obscene, distasteful, vulgar or sexually suggestive electronic pictures or graphics prohibited by the laws of Singapore.

 (c)  The provision by the User of on-line services or web pages for commercial purposes or disseminating information regarding politics and religion without the proper licenses from the Media Development Authority AND the written approval of the PDSL Director.   

(d)  Unauthorized accessing, reading, using, modifying distributing, uploading or copying any other party’s data, software or materials without appropriate prior authorization.

(f)    To affect or prevent any registered Users' use of the resources.



2.1    Confidential or Proprietary Information.  If you use any information or data that you consider to be confidential or proprietary, it is your responsibility to provide the necessary protection for such information or data on the PDSL Resources that you are authorized to use. It is your responsibility to verify and ensure that the PDSL Resources which you are using has sufficient protections to meet your requirements.  In no event will the PDSL be liable or responsible for, and you will indemnify PDSL for any claims that arise from, the loss of the confidential or proprietary nature of your information or data.

2.2     Regulated Data.  Some data may not be explicitly confidential but may have use or disclosure restrictions imposed by law, regulation or policies, e.g. medical records, student records, personal identifying information, data considered “sensitive but unclassified” by the  law, etc.  It is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with those requirements and do not use any such data on any PDSL Resources unless you are providing or have confirmed that the PDSL Resources is providing the necessary protections with respect to the use, processing or storage of such data.  In no event will PDSL be liable or responsible for, and you will indemnify PDSL for any claims that arise from, any breach of such use or disclosure restriction.

2.3     Support Access and Monitoring.  You grant permission to the PDSL administrator to access and review your files in response for a request for technical support or providing diagnostic investigation on the systems.  You understand and agree that all uses of the PDSL Resources and files residing on them may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected and disclosed to the PDSL administrator for the protection and technical support of the PDSL Resources, and if required by law, disclosed to law enforcement personnel and other governmental agencies, both domestic and foreign.

2.4     Data Backup:  PDSL will not hold any responsibility of data backup or data lost in PDSL resources, users must perform their own data backup.


3.1     Publication.  You are free to publish results from your project/research activity conducted on the PDSL resources, provided that: (i) you are the legal owner of the information that you are publishing or have obtained the appropriate permission to publish such information; (ii) you do not publish anyone’s confidential information unless you have obtained prior permission to do so;  (iii) you do not make any misleading, defamatory, libelous, obscene, infringing or otherwise objectionable statements about PDSL resources, Director, Administrator and (iv) you acknowledge the Parallel & Distributed Computing Centre (PDSL) on any papers, presentations, webpages; (v) you allow PDSL to include your activity/publication  in any of reports, papers, presentation, webpages.

You also agree to email a copy of each publication to PDSL Administrator  to upload to PDSL website.

3.2     Software Licenses.  All software used on PDSL resources must be appropriately acquired and used according to the specified licensing.  You may not use, copy or distribute any third party software or other materials unless you are licensed to do so.   Some software installed on PDSL resources may require special authorization in order to be used.   In any event, you agree to abide to all applicable licensing terms, including open source licenses.

4.      Administrative Right

 4.1    PDSL will grant local administrative rights to non PDSLs’ staff/Students and FYP students with special needs only. Right will be granted with appropriate approval and a valid reason. PDSL administrator reserves the right to review, suspend or terminate any users’ administrative right without any notice.


4.2     PDSL will grant local administrative rights to PDSL’s researcher/member  (PO/RA/RF/GS) who assign/allocate to PDSL. The list of default software installed in local machine as shown below:

                a. MS office Pro

                b. MS Visio

                c. MS Visual Studio

                d. Acrobat Pro

                e. Virus scan (Mcafee or Trendmicro)


4.3     With the administrative rights, users will responsible fully on the assigned computer of: (i) software to be installed with proper licensing; (ii) no installation of email,dns,dhcp server (iii) no creation of new local user access account; (iv) destructive computer viruses and spyware prevention; (v) apply latest security update/patches to the system.




 5.1     Breach.  If you breach any of your obligations under this Agreement, or if there is suspicion of account compromise, system compromise, or malicious or illegal activity, the PDSL Administrator may suspend your account immediately and you will be notified.  If such breach or suspicious activity is not resolved to the satisfaction of the PDSL Administrator, your account and access to the PDSL Resources will be terminated.  If you do not access and use the PDSL Resources for which you have been authorized for 6 consecutive calendar months, your account may be terminated by the PDSL Administrator.  In addition to the above actions, in the event of a breach of your obligations under these Terms, you may be liable for damages pursued to recoup costs incurred from unauthorized use of resources or incident response due to compromise or malicious activity, and your activities in violation law may be reported to the appropriate authorities for investigation and prosecution.

5.2     Effect of Termination.  Prior to termination of access to the PDSL Resources, you are responsible for removing and deleting all your information, data and materials from the PDSL Resources.  Upon termination, all such information, data and materials will be deleted. 

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